Step 1: To prepare the edges, fold under two rows of canvas all around. Thread the eye of your locker hook or a large eye tapestry needle with a length of the border color yarn. Overcast the folded edge going through the first row of squares. In the corners you many need to work more than one stitch in order to cover the canvas. Remember to overcast through all layers of canvas in the corner.

Step 2:If your cotton twine is in a ball or skein cut it into 36” lengths.
Tie one end to the bottom edge of your canvas using a simple knot tied once. Leave a 4” tail.
After completing your project you will untie the knot and hide the tail.

Thread the cotton twine through the eye of your locker hook. Insert the hook into the hole of the canvas from front to back.
Feed a portion of the yarn onto the hook with your hand (yarn is underneath the canvas).

Step 3:Pull the loop up through the hole leaving a 4” tail on the back.
Continue pulling loops through the canvas until you have several loops on the hook.

Step 4: Slide the hook through the loops pulling the cotton twine through the loops.

Step 5: To hide the tails bring the cotton twine and the yarn tails to the top of the canvas.
Feed the hook through several loops. Thread the tails through the eye of the locker hook.
Slide the locker hook through the loops.

Step 6: Cut off any excess tails